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Seal Coating

Are you noticing signs of deterioration on your asphalt pavement?

Like anything else, asphalt paving may deteriorate over time. Environmental conditions and heavy vehicle traffic can accelerate this process. If you notice small cracks, fading asphalt color, or sand deposits collecting in the corners of your parking lot or driveway, it may be time to get a sealcoat. Sealcoat treatment protects asphalt pavement and increases its lifespan by up to five years.

Sealcoat protects asphalt pavement from the following:


Our commercial grade sealer is 100% coal tar emulsion that exceeds Federal Specification RP3553. Options Sealcoating orders it's sealer in bulk and mixes it specifically for the job site, adding silica sand for a skid resistant surface. Another key component of our mixture is a latex additive to increase pavement longevity and strength. Options maintenance plans recommend one or two coat(s) application, either broom applied or sprayed depending upon the job site analysis. Sealcoat is applied at a Rate of: 0.12 - .20 gal / sq. yard to ensure consistency and quality control. Areas are power cleaned, removing debris to provide a clean application and penetration of sealer into the asphalt. Once complete the job site is barricaded off to allow for proper curing time, generally 24 hours, weather permitting.